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Wet Okole Custom Seat Covers (PN# 1048)

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Seat covers protect your Fiat 500’s original upholstery from daily use and abuse, including normal wear and tear, food spills, pets and kids. Wet Okole neoprene backed car seat covers will protect your seats from wet bathing suits, wet suits, and other summer and winter sports clothing that get wet in normal use. The top quality 100% CR Neoprene (Chloroprene Rubber) used has nylon bonded to both sides for easier installation, better fit and ultimate protection.

These Wet Okole seat covers have many configuration options, so we ask that, after you place your order, you enter your color choices in the comments section when you check out. Also specify if you have cloth or leather seats from the factory. We will call you to confirm the configuration, color selections, and options before placing the order with Wet Okole. Do remember to enter an email address and telephone number when checking out.

Carbon Fiber Seat Heaters:
Slipping right over your existing car seats, our heated custom seat covers are the quick and easy way to afford-ably add the luxury of heated seats with a custom built-in look. Parallel heating fibers ensure long life and dependability. With conventional seat heaters, any abuse that breaks the heating wire shuts off the entire heater; the same abuse with our carbon fiber seat heaters would only render a small portion of our heater inoperative so the driver will still be cozy and warm. Ultra thin carbon fibers mean no bulky and uncomfortable wires. Other than the soothing warmth there’s nothing to make the driver or passenger think their seats are out of the ordinary!

Pump adjustable Lumbar Support:
They attach behind the seat cover with pre sewn-in velcro strips. They are easily adjusted for your height.

  • Installed quickly behind your Wet Okole seat covers.
  • Firmness is easliy controlled by the attached squeeze bulb.
  • Available for driver, passenger or both front seats.
  • Provides air cushion back support.

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