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Retire Your Ride – Add a Full Size Spare to Your 500 or 500L (PN# 1037)

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Auto manufacturers are continually looking to increase fuel economy of their fleets, and one of the easiest ways to do this is to remove weight. Less weight equals less fuel burned. While this is a benefit for the manufacturer’s overall fleet economy, it’s definitely an inconvenience when you have a flat in the middle of nowhere or just at the wrong time. And the Fiat supplied flat-fix kit cannot repair gashes or side tears, which can happen with pothole or debris damage.

So get rolling again with this genuine Mopar/Fiat full size spare tire kit. It includes all the parts needed for mounting the tire as well as a mounted tire and wheel, securing bracketry, lug wrench, and installation instructions. The spare tire fits under the car and lowers/raise into place (with a supplied winch) from inside the hatch.

This complete spare tire kit includes:

  • Compact Wheel & Tire Assembly
  • Jack Winch system and hardware to secure spare tire under rear cargo area.

The kit can be easily install with standard tools and fix-it skills and without raising the car (if you don’t mind working on your back). If you lack basic mechanical skills and tools, we suggest having your trusted auto technician perform the install.

There are specific kits for before and after 3/9/2013 production dates, so refer to the data plate located in the driver side door for your datec of production. For the 500L, one kit fits all.

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