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Sun Shield for Fixed Glass Sunroof for Fiat 500 (PN# 1024)

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Don’t take the heat in your Lounge. The Fiat 500 has a weak link above our heads. They do not give us the option of zero heat and zero cancer causing UV beating on us and our cars., after months of numerous attempts with different materials and designs, has found the inexpensive, useful and easy solution. Our sunroof shield is made specifically for the FIAT 500 sunroof cars and Fixed Glass Roof cars. It is NOT a “one size fits all” item. In the photos you see the difference between half shade and full shade.

It fits ‘just right’ into the sunroof space. No fasteners or Velcro is necessary. You can close the mesh screen once it is in place and it will stay put until you want the heat and sun again. Your car will stay 15-25 degrees cooler when parked. You no longer have to return to an oven when parking or wear a hat while driving to stop UV. We are the original designers of this item and are now on upgraded version II.

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