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Coverking Triguard FIAT Car Cover (PN# 1018)

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Triguard ™ is a three-layer material suited for light weather conditions. Perfect for occasional use or for a car parked under a carport or roof, the inner meltblown layer provides protection against the elements, while the two outer spunbond layers provide strength and durability. Triguard is also fortified with the finest agents to guard against UV rays.

Coverking Custom Car Covers protect your investment against natural and man-made hazards including: rain, snow, wind, hail, dirt, dust, UV radiation, bird droppings and tree sap. They can also help protect your vehicle from dings, dents and scratches. Coverking Covers protect your vehicle’s interior from the harmful effects of UV rays and temperature extremes.

Coverking Custom Car Covers are designed and cut on sophisticated CAD/CAM systems; an industry first, pioneered by Coverking more than 20 years ago. All outdoor Coverking Car Covers are sewn using double needles and overlapping seams, resulting in a durable, leak-resistant stitch that’s coupled with a backup seam for extra protection. Our covers are sewn using heavy, wax-coated thread to help seal the fabric and reduce the chance of seam leakage.

All Coverking Custom Car Covers are equipped with neoprene elastic tensioners, sewn into the front and rear sections of the cover, while protected grommets (for use with our optional Lock & Cable Kit) are sewn into the covers’ sides so as to be hidden from view.

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