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Cavalino Fiat 500 Rear Spoiler (PN# 1012)

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  • Race-proven design taken directly from the race track and now available for any Fiat 500. Will bolt directly onto a Pop or Lounge model and/or replace a Sport or Abarth rear spoiler.
  • Removable and customizable end plates fastened using stainless fasteners.
  • Increase down force and improve airflow in the rear of your Fiat 500.
  • 5 piece assembly with complete installation instructions and templates; everything you need is included in the box.
  • Show the world your 500 has got attitude and heritage.
  • Made entirely in an OEM validated RTM composite material. Guaranteed to last and not distort over time.
  • Prepped and primed in order for you to save on painting costs and quality stamped by ACS Composite, an OEM composite manufacturer

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