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Fiat 500, 500L Front Bumper License Plate Mount (PN# 1009)

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Attach a License Plate to Your FIAT 500 or 500L Without Defacing Your Bumper!

The state may mandate that you have a license plate on the front of your brand new car, but they can’t make you drill permanent holes to mount it there. We wouldn’t want to do that to our 500, so before the temp tags expired we came up with this mount that attached to some holes that are already underneath the car.

Platypus Facts

  • The Cravenspeed Platypus installs in about 5 minutes.
  • Just take some screws out from the under-side of the bumper, put the Platypus in place and bolt it into the open screw holes.
  • The Platypus rests against the lower bumper on a rubber foot that keeps your car from getting scratched.
  • Once in place, you can use the supplied hardware to attach your license plate to The Platypus.

Now you are complying with the law without damaging your 500, plus you have better airflow to your radiator then you would have otherwise. It is substantially built and very durable.

A solution for the 500e (electric) is not yet available but is under development.

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