About HotFIAT

HotFIAT was founded in 2010 and was created specifically to develop and market parts and accessories for the new Fiat 500 and 500L. We think we do a very good job sourcing great prices and interesting products for your FIAT, but are always open to your suggestions for new products. Our staff owns and drives FIAT 500s and we love the wonderful fuel economy. But we are also enthusiasts and drive sports and racing cars of other marques. This gives us insight to what works and what doesn’t work for our 500s. We strive to make a 500 with aggressive looks and handling without losing the economical aspect of the car. Of course this will make your 500 personalized and unique. We are located in Southern California.

If you need an exhaust system, suspension upgrades, engine upgrades, or something like an interesting interior piece or car cover you can find it here. We are the exclusive distributor for FIATSPEED performance parts and will carry their full line as products are tested and developed and made available to your street or track cars.